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Various products as used by our Pattern Press designers suitable for your store.

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Image Description Price  
Mini purse frame Mini purse frame
  5cm Mini Ring Holder Metal Purse Frame…
30cm blue lace zipper 30cm blue lace zipper
 30cm/12" blue lace zipper…
10cm Spring clip 10cm Spring clip
Spring clip purse frame 10cm - as used in Applique club glasses case …
12cm Spring clip 12cm Spring clip
 Purse spring clip frame - 12cm - as used in Hexie club pretty pouch …
30cm hotpink lace zipper 30cm hotpink lace zipper
 30cm/12" hot pink lace zipper…
30cm burgundy lace zipper 30cm burgundy lace zipper
 30cm/12" burgundy lace zipper…
Purse chain Purse chain
 long antique gold purse chain - suited to loop spring clip frames or other - as used in Redwork club spring clip p…
Purse frame 9cm Purse frame 9cm
 metal purse frame 9cm  - to suit Hexie club sweet purse pattern.…
30cm baby pink lace zip 30cm baby pink lace zip
 30cm/12"  baby pink lace zipper…
Spring clip 15cm Spring clip 15cm
 Purse spring clip frame 15cm - as used in Kindle Pouch and Temoral Traveller…
Lace zip 20cm bright green Lace zip 20cm bright green
 bright green lace zipper 20cm/8"…
12cm spring clip w/loops 12cm spring clip w/loops
 Spring clip purse frame with chain loops - as used in Redwork club spring clip purse…