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Baby Chibi Dolls Baby Chibi Dolls
Baby Chibi Doll’s are sweet, huggable dolls for little and big kids alike. They are a great softie project for b…
Happy Chibi Girl Happy Chibi Girl
Happy Chibi Girl Doll’s are based on the traditional rag dolls but have a distinct Japanese influence.  The…
Patchwork Seahorse Patchwork Seahorse
This colourful Seahorse incorporates a panel of patchwork where you can include your favourite prints. Texture is adde…
Shmerpi Creatures Shmerpi Creatures
Shmerpi Creatures are quirky, fun, soft toys.  They are loved by both little and big kids alike. They have long a…
Cupcake Capers Cupcake Capers
  Make one as a pincushion or make a whole plate full! Using the lovely to work with felted wools these cupcakes a…
Bubbly the scrappy soft owl Bubbly the scrappy soft owl
  In many parts of the Western world, owls have been associated with wisdom and prosperity, evident in the frequen…
Bunny Tales Bunny Tales
These little bunnies will invade your home and garden. At Easter, in Spring, a pincushion or for Easter decorating. Ma…
A Little Sheepish A Little Sheepish
An original design by Deb Gardiner this Nursery Quilt and Toy uses simple techniques for young mums to decorate their nu…
Lucinda Lucinda
Lucinda is a sweet, enchanting doll influenced by vintage children’s illustrations with a pixie twist.  She…