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Scrappity Doo Dah EPPQAL

Scrappity Doo Dah EPPQAL

Product Information

 Thanks for joining me on this journey and deciding to run this program for your customers.

This is an online program with downloaded patterns. This will save on postage costs and 
eliminate shipping times, allowing you to market to both your in-store and online customers.
Customers can join in at anytime as it is an automatic rolling program.
This is currently a mystery quilt - and as such we ask that you do not share the finished quilt
picture until the initial program has finished - mid January. After that time you can choose
whether to run it as a mystery or not. However images will start to appear of finished
quilts by then. We have included a full quilt photo for your fabric choice assistance only.
You will purchase the required amount of kits and have the paper kits sent to you by mail.
You will then be allotted that number of signups to our program list.
As you sign up a customer you will need to email us with their details including:
First and last name
Email address
Your store name
They will then be added to our program electronic mailing list. 
Once added they will receive an instant email with a welcome message and the information following.
2 days later they will get another email with a test download, and extra supplies they may wish to arrange
with you to have ready if you havent included them in your program package.
8 days later (after signup) they will receive their first pattern with patterns 2-26 coming automatically
at regular intervals after this.
QAL Program options you may like to offer:
Paper kit and signup only.
Paper kit, signup, fabric kit
Paper kit, signup, fabric kit, extras kit
Paper kit, signup, monthly fabric mailouts.
Paper kit, signup, fabric kit, monthly stitching sessions.
To be a part of this program customers must be able to recieve emails, click on a live link,
download and save files from that link on their computer or device, and print files to a printer. 
We are unable to troubleshoot or advise on IT issues during the program.
Please ensure customers are aware of this or be ready to assist them in any way you can before 
signing them up. 
As this is a downloadable program, and as such is easily shared, please do your best to educate and 
monitor illegal sharing of files between friends. This hurts both me as the designer -  but more so, you as the
retailer of this program. By requring the paper kit to make the project- only available as a single kit on
signup -  this does assist you in this area. 
Download shop notes here

Price: $AU112.00

Product Code: HNK120

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