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The Definition of Stitch

The Definition of Stitch

Product Information

This quilt has been seen all over the world stage in recent months - featuring at Quiltcon 2015, The Australian Modern quilt show and the Sydney exhibition and quilt show. Get it into your store now while its hot! 

This quilt shows a dictionary definition of the word ‘stitch’ - the noun not the action. I had a lot of fun piecing it! I love starting out on an improvisational quilt and not knowing precisely where it is going. These instructions explain the technique, not step-by-step details of how to reproduce my quilt, so you can make your quilt say anything using letters. It’s time to let go and have some fun! There are no templates for this quilt, no exact measurements, and no rules. Just some loose piecing, a bit of experimentation, plus your imagination.

Finished size
Wall quilt, approximately 60 in. x 69 in.
Exact size will depend on the sizes of pieces used.

Price: $AU15.50

Product Code: SF06

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