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Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte Sometimes

Product Information

 [Degree of difficulty] - Advanced

The Idea:
I collect old quilts and tops and one was the inspiration for this quilt. I
bought a vintage top signed by the maker, “Charlotte Tompkins, 1939”, that
I hand-quilted. I bought the top because I have always wanted to make a
Burgoyne Surrounded quilt, but also for the funky appliqué flowers! Charlotte
was clearly very groovy for 1939.
I enjoyed quilting the original quilt so much that I decided I needed another
one. I started with the black background and it just seemed to attract my
Kaffe Fassett stash like a magnet. The black makes the saturated colours of
the Kaffe fabrics glow and flash, and the extra appliquéd circles create positives
and negatives around the circular piecing in the block. There are lots of
small pieces in these blocks, and the appliqué is a little tricky, but don’t be
intimidated – I bet you’ll be just as charmed by Charlotte’s design as I was.
Finished quilt size
195.5 cm x 241 cm (77 x 95 inches)
Finished block size: 15 1½”, including seam allowance

Price: $AU17.50

Product Code: SF02

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