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Dotty for Dresden

Dotty for Dresden

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Sarah writes:  I love to look at antique quilts for inspiration and it often surprises me

how “modern” they are. We perceive antique quilts to be traditional
and dull coloured, but the more I look the more I find that would be
wild even by today’s standards. This quilt was inspired by an antique
quilt in a book, which incorporated Dresden plates with red circles
between them. I loved the repetition of the appliqued circles, the
circles created by the plates, and the circles created by the space
within the plates. Why not take circles to the max and add spots?
When it comes to my quilts, too many spots are never enough! The
spots are the secret here - they need to be the reverse of each
other to create balance. You could easily switch colours though - this
quilt looks wonderful with green, blue or even a black and white
Finished quilt size: 174cm x 248cm (68 ½” x 97 ½”) Double bed
Note: It is recommended that all fabric be 100% cotton or linen, and be
ironed. You may want to colour test any dark fabric to ensure that it will
not run. Unless otherwise stated, all seams are ¼” throughout, and all
strips are cut across the width of the fabric, from fold to selvedge.
Note: Instructions are given here to make this quilt using either a wedge
ruler OR the template provided. I recommend the ruler as it is easy,
accurate and fast!

Price: $AU17.50

Product Code: SF03

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