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Piping Hot Binding Kit

Piping Hot Binding Kit

Product Information


Piping Hot Binding
(includes the Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool)
Retail Price: $39.95

Binding with piping adds flair to a quilt by adding a special touch that shows attention to detail all the way through to the edge of the quilt. Piping also looks great on wearables where detail will definitely be appreciated and admired!

After teaching this binding with piping technique for 5 years, Susan Cleveland realized she’d learned many tricks to make the job easier and to get better results. She has included all her best tips in these instructions. Many of the tips are ones you’ll use during other tasks. She has also included tips for getting better results on simple machines.

Enjoy making your quilts even more special by adding piping in the binding!

Groovin' Piping Trimming tool


Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool
(included in Piping Hot Binding kit)
helps trim piping seam allowances to 1/4" or 1/2" which will increase accuracy and make working with piping much easier! Cording rides up into a groove and the seam allowance is cut next to the edge of the tool. The tool is 11.5" in length.
The tool may be turned for left-handed users.

Patent Pending

In this package you’ll find the following:

bullet booklet with detailed instructions
bullet diagrams for every step
bullet suggestions for which sewing machine feet will serve you best
bullet tailored instructions for your sewing machine
bullet 7 variations including curved edges with only piping showing
bullet Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool (to trim the piping's seam allowance and ultimately produce more accurate piping)
bullet 5 yards of 1mm cording
The Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool (patent pending) is used to trim the piping seam allowance to a consistent width. When piping is made, it is impossible to maintain a consistent seam allowance. Trimming the seam allowance using a traditional acrylic ruler is a time consuming chore. The Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool makes this task quick and accurate.

After piping has been sewn, simply lay the Groovin' Piping Trimming tool over the piping allowing the cording to ride up into one of the grooves, then cut along the edge of the tool with a rotary cutter. Voila....a perfect seam allowance because the groove holds the cording in place!!!

One side of the tool is designed for a 1/4" seam allowance and the other is for a 1/2" seam allowance (wider bindings)!



Price: $AU40.00

Product Code: PHB
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