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Block of the month Booklet

Block of the month Booklet

Product Information

  Nice People Nice Things - Block of the Week

This is a 52 part Block of the week pattern pack!

Packaged in a booklet format the pack inlcudes 52 very useable stitchery designs, 52 accompanying verses and sayings plus 4 appliqué designs.

Pack includes 18 A3 pages of iron on transfers to accompany the booklet. Use to run the programm as a BOM. Send one sheet of designs and one of verses each month for 9 months. I recommend including background fabric in the first month, then 5 fat quarters each month thereafter.

The Quilt measures 158cm x 203cm or 63" x 81" and is made using a quilt as you go method.

This project also has its own blog at http://www.npnt.wordpress.com/ where a different block will be featured each week in 2008, bonus blocks and competitions for personalised blocks will be given, a forum for stitchers to share nice people and nice things in their lives and how they have used their blocks. Participating stores offereing BOM programmes will also be listed here.
The blog posts will began as of the first of January and a different block is featured each week. Feel free to add a comment on the blog, send me a pic of your stores version or one of your customers. Encourage them to participate in the blog to keep their enthusiasm up and to promote the 'nice' aspect of the project. Share and join in the fun. There is an RSS feed sign up form on the blog now so get them to sign up to automatically receive new blog posts.
Also please let Pattern Press know if I havent listed you as a store yet, or if you have more specific information regarding your BOW programme, fabric kits, prices etc.
pattern info: the pack includes  designs, verses and quilt instructions.
The transfer pack includes 18 A3 sheets of transfers. 9 have six designs on each page, 9 have 6 verses on each page. The verses do match the designs but it is not imperative to do this if you cannot work them out.
Kitting and sales options for "Nice People, Nice Things"

option 1: Sell the pattern and the transfer pack for the RRP
option 2: Sell the pattern, the transfer pack and a full fabric kit for the RRPof the pattern,transfers + fabric costs
option 3: include threads, pellon, wadding with above kit
option 4: Block of the week programmes - 9 installments posted every 6 weeks = approx 1 block per week and will last a year.
suggestion 1:
first installment - send the booklet, the background fabric and two transfer sheets (one of designs, one of verses) optional - include threads and 17" x 12" pellon
2nd-9th installments - send five fat quarters and two transfer sheets (one verses, one designs)
suggestion 2:
first installment: send the booklet, 17" x 12" piece of background fabric, two transfer sheets and threads/pellon (optional)
2nd-9th installments - send five fat quarters, 12" x 17" piece of background fabric and pellon and two transfer sheets.
Pricing options:
You all know how you like to run your Block of the Month Programmes. However because of the many requests I receive and for those new to BOM or BOW programmes here are some ideas and options.
option 1
First installment - higher charge to cover cost of booklet totally plus anything extra you include in the first mailing.
2nd-9th installments - equally divided cost to cover transfers, fat quarters, background fabric and anything else you have included in your kits.
option 2
total your complete cost and divide by 9. If using this method please ensure you have your customers sign a commitment sheet and allow 'dropouts' only with a penalty which covers you for any out of pocket expenses they have already received. Dont forget to include postage in your kit costs and if advertising state what your programme includes eg. threads, pellon etc so that you do not look more expensive than others who may not have included as much.
Some stores offer pickup only, some all mailorder on a certain date of the month. Some ask for and automatically charge a credit card on dispatch. These are your business decisions and are what works best for you and your demographic.
Requirements and costings
Background fabric: I used a medium teastain fabric for my stitched blocks. You could use any tone on tone, light background fabric or even one of the cream fabrics from the Love Is range used in the quilt. For Australian stores I used the medium teastain fabric sold by XLN fabrics.
If you are sending out transfer sheets in a BOW programme then I suggest sending the background fabric in eighteen 17" x 12" pieces. (cut a 17" strip by width of fabric, cross cut into three 12" x 17" pieces) This will total 2.55m. (you will have a 4-6" width strip left over along the length) Advise the customer to transfer and stitch the whole sheet at once and cut apart once finished into 5 1/2" squares.
If customers are cutting their transfers or tracing the individual designs then I suggest cutting 6" squares and trimming back to size after completion. However this may take a little more than the stated background fabric depending on the width of your fabric
Fat quarters: I have suggested a total of 40 fat quarters to complete the quilt.  This is based on the smaller US sized fat quarters so you may use fat quarter bundles like Moda bundles etc. If using Aussie fat quarters (total 10m) they will have a little more to spare. They will have enough to make up their 9 personalised blocks how they'd like, or change things as they go.
 I used the 'Love Is' range by Nancy Halvorsen which is available from Benartex fabrics and will be available for approximately another 12 months.
I chose 20 different fabrics from the range and used 2 fat quarters of each. I did not use the mustards or the bright greens in the range. I also didnt use all of the cream prints as I needed more contrasts to the background fabric.
This quilt can be made in any range of fabrics, scrappy is the go. Choose a range or choose 3-4 colourways and collect a range of fabrics which go together. Choose contrasts, lights and darks or complimentary colours.
When sending out five fat quarters each installment, include at least two colourways so that they can start on their blocks. (eg, dont send all pinks one month as they will have to wait another month for contrast to start stitching their blocks)
Presencia Finca Perle #16 threads 1137,1651, 2246,4228,4565,5229,8069,8072
OR DMC stranded – 335,434,435,502,744,905,3012,3803 
All the above information has been provided to assist you and has come from questions you have asked. I hope it is of assistance to you. Please feel free to ask anything further.
a recap on the products:
Nice People, Nice Things
This quilt uses 3 1/4yds background fabric and 40 fat quarters. It is packaged in a booklet format which includes 52 stitchery designs, 52 accompanying verses and 4 applique designs. It has full instructions for the quilt as you go method to finish the quilt which measures 63" x 81".
An iron on transfer pack is also included  which has 18 A3 (11 x 17") sheets of transfers.
This project also has its own blog at http://www.npnt.wordpress.com/ where a different block will be featured each week in 2008, bonus blocks and competitions for personalised blocks will be given, a forum for stitchers to share nice people and nice things in their lives and how they have used their blocks. Participating stores offereing BOM programmes are listed here.

Price: $AU65.00

Product Code: Npnt

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