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Pattern Press as the Exclusive Publisher and Distributor of its Designers fiercely protects their Copyrights.

All Designers working in this business  rely on their sales to feed  and clothe their families. Please respect their profession and the endless hours of serious work and commitment, and finances needed to bring these quality designs and patterns to you, the passionate world of stitchers out there. 

To protect the rights of the Designer as owner of their patterns the following conditions apply to all Pattern Press products: (Note: please confirm these copyright rules with each Designer as listed on their products)

No part of any pattern may be reproduced in any way to be shared with a third party other than the consumer who purchased the pattern. They may make a copy of templates and designs for their personal use only to preserve the original
a pattern may not be used to teach the design whether for profit or for free, unless every student has purchased an original copy of the pattern.
patterns may not be bought by clubs or guilds, then copied for each member of that guild/group to be used as a guild/group project. Every member must have their own copy.
A purchaser may make multiple projects from the one pattern/design to be sold for profit at shops, markets and fairs ONLY if written permission has been granted from the designer ( a simple email or phone call is all it takes and most times permission will be given) and credit  is given to the copyright owner.

Pattern Press website and images -

All images on the Pattern Press website are protected by copyright. However if you are a registered wholesale user you are welcome to use them for the use of advertising and marketing for your store or newsletter. Please download the image to your server rather than linking to this site. Larger image files are available upon request from Pattern Press which are more suitable for print advertising.