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 Any information Pattern Press receive from you through this website is kept confidential. Pattern Press do not sell, give away or pass on any information to a third party. 

We sometimes use cookies on the site to provide each user with convenient services that improve their experience on this website. If you do not wish  cookies to be used on your computer we urge you to set your browser preferences to refuse to accept cookies from our site. This will not affect the information available to you, but it may disable some advanced functions.

As with any website, www.patternpress.com.au has access to and tracks usage patterns on the website on an anonymous basis. Your identity cannot be gathered from this information. Each time you visit our website a web server makes a record of your visit. Specifically, it records your:

Internet Provider

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We will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of any personal information received. This is achieved by way of firewalls, virus programmes, regular updates to computer and network security and secure storage of printed information.

If you have registered with Pattern Press we also have access to contact information given during the  registration process. This will not be given or sold to a third party, it is for your online ordering convenience only.