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Drop Ship Tuesdays


Pattern Press, for your convenience is trialling a new ‘Drop Ship Tuesday’ Offer.


This means that you can add any or all of our product lines to your webstore without any payment. Customers can order from your site and we will ship directly to their door.

The following terms apply:
Orders must be placed online at www.patternpress.com.au
One order per delivery address – you need to place one separate order for every customer order you have
Wholesale Minimums do not apply – you can order exactly what your customer wants.
Orders will be shipped every Wednesday regardless of when the order is placed
A $2 surcharge will apply to all orders – ($2 per order, not per item) – please ensure you add the surcharge code to your order – if you forget it will be automatically added to credit card orders or a Paypal invoice for the amount will be emailed for Paypal orders before the order is despatched.
No other offers apply to drop ship orders – Pattern Press ‘buy 10 get one free’ newsletter sales, specials and bundles do not apply to Dropship orders. Normal wholesale prices as listed on the website will apply.
Payment must be made in advance – orders will be dispatched once payment is received depending on the payment option you choose on checkout.
Place recipient address on checkout - use ‘edit delivery address’ – during the checkout process you will see a red ‘edit delivery address’ button. Click on this and change the delivery address to that of your customer. Your store address will remain in the billing address window.
The invoice with a nil balance will be emailed to your store email– this will be notice that your order has been sent to the customer. It is your responsibility to collect payment from your customer.
Why the $2 surcharge?
This is to pay our staff to pack and process your dropship order.
This saves you having to pay your staff labour/time to pick and pack and post individual orders. You also save on postage from Pattern Press to your store, and on stock value sitting on your shelves.
You may choose to forward this cost onto your customer or absorb it in your retail markup profit as you have saved that much for the reasons above!
How do I know what postage to charge my customer?
Postage and shipping is calculated through our shopping cart at the maximum level. At times it is possible for us to reduce this on processing of your order as we only charge actual postage. You may choose to use your own shopping carts’ postage calculations, or include postage in the RRP cost of your product.
Here are some Australian guidelines (note that if you have not used Pattern Press shopping cart postage calculations we are not responsible for any shortfall, this is a guide for your assistance only)
1 standard A5 pattern AUD$1.70
2-3 standard A5 patterns AUD$2.50
4-6 standard patterns AUD$3.30
7-30 patterns AUD$11.00
Books and BOMs would be minimum of $3.00 each.
Unusual shaped items are sent as a parcel and would be minimum $6.50
How do I get started?
Images may be taken from Pattern Press website for use on your store website or advertising material.
Right click and ‘save’ the image to your computer then upload to your site. (please don’t direct link to them on our site, this is bandwidth theft)
Calculate your pricings as you wish using your wholesale pricings as shown on the Pattern Press website when you are logged in.
If you have a computer in your store allow customers to browse the Pattern Press website to see products in your catalogue (note, do not log in so they can only see RRP prices)
Keep our printed catalogue handy or make a folder for instore customers to browse and order from.
What if a customer orders some Pattern Press products and some other products from my site?
You need only place the order through the Pattern Press site for Pattern Press items. Calculate the total cost for the customers’ complete order (Including double postage if this is required) and charge the customer.

What are the benefits of dropshipping for my business?

a much larger inventory without any increased cost

no minimums for dropship orders

no labour time/cost to me

no postage costs from Distributor to store

no double shipping times - Distributor to store/store to customer