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 Pattern Press include Iron on transfers in many of its published patterns. Where a transfer is included a black and white lightbox or master copy is also included for extra tracing or reference whilst stitching. Each transfer can be used up to 4 times (more if transferred lightly) and will not wash out of cotton fabric so the method of transfer must be followed. If done correctly very fine lines suitable to single thread stitching is acheivable.

The following instructions are included on every transfer sheet:

The transfers use a special ink. They will transfer several times onto 100% cotton fabric. They will also iron onto Polyester and poly/cottons.
Place printed side down onto fabric
(we recommend prewashing your fabric to remove any chemicals)
Use the transfer test on your sheet to determine your iron heat setting and pressing time as all irons differ.
Press firmly with dry iron for 5-10seconds. A hard or firm surface is best. If your ironing board is soft use a thin towel on a hard bench surface or similar.
Do not slide iron, lift gently and reposition. Sliding will slightly move your transfer sheet and make your lines thicker or even blurred.
Lift corner of paper to check before removing transfer sheet from material. The longer you press the darker the transfer.
Ink may wash out of 100% cotton fabric  however we do not guarantee this due to chemicals used in many fabrics. I have not been able to completely remove the ink from any fabric yet although it will fade with repeated washings so follow the process carefully so that your lines will be as thin as the originals.
They will be permanent on fabric with any poly content
Correctly transferred fine lines are easily covered by a single strand of stitching thread.
Note that the transfer paper appears black but will transfer as a grey/blue colour onto your fabric.
Iron On transfer printing service
This service is offered by Pattern Press to businesses in the Stitching industry to obtain cost effective transfer sheets for inclusion in paper patterns.
All designs submitted for printing must be originals and copyright held exclusively by the business requesting the service.
 The printing process uses a special transfer ink on A4 White 80gsm copy paper. It will transfer several times onto cotton or polyester/synthetic fabrics. It may wash out of some cotton fabrics but this is not guaranteed. The current colour used is Quilters Blue – a blue grey colour.
 Pricing is based on black and white camera ready designs. (clean without any spots or marks) They must be original drawn or printed designs (not photocopies) and can be supplied in hard copy format or on CD including scanned images at 300DPI in BMP format, Illustrator 10 files (with all links and fonts included) or EPS format.  
We recommend drawing with a .03 or .01 black pigma pen for fine clean lines or using a 1pt stroke in computer based drawing programmes.
Each transfer sheet will included transfer instructions and your business logo. This must be supplied in black and white printable format also if you wish it to be included. Copyright will also be added with your business or Copyright holders name and year of design. (Please supply desired Copyright info) Any other information you require can be included assuming it will fit comfortably onto the A4 page with your design/s. (note that all will be printed in transfer ink so space needs to be allowed around designs for them to be cut out prior to transferring.)
Setup cost per A4/A3 sheet: (once only cost assuming all artwork is appropriately supplied) This is negotiable depending on how your artwork is supplied.
Scanned or electronic design: $20
Hard copy format: $30  
Print ready PDF no changes required: $5.00 (note that design images need to be in mirror image or reversed)
Transfer sheets A4:  
30-50 copies one design: 65c per sheet
51-100 copies one design: 55c per sheet
100+ copies one design: 50c per sheet  
Transfer sheets A3:
30-50 copies of one design $1.10 per sheet
51-100 copies of one design $1.00 per sheet
100+ copies of one design  90c per sheet
Prices do not include postage which will be charged at cost.
Payments are accepted by Credit card or direct debit.
A layout sample (standard ink/not transfer ink) will be sent by mail or electronic mail for authorisation before printing begins.
A deposit of 50% or a valid credit card number is required before printing begins with balance required before dispatch.
Order/letter of consent – please include with all transfer orders
___________________ hereby state that we are the copyright owner of all works to be replicated in Iron on transfer format. All clearances, permissions and license requirements are solely the responsibility of ____________________ and as such we indemnify and hold harmless Pattern Press and any other party involved in the manufacture of replicated products against any claim of Copyright Infringement. We hereby commission Pattern Press to carry out printing of ________________ units.